About Us

insure that is a general insurance master agent established in September 1999.

We concentrate on rural insurance including policies for farm, rural domestic, residential strata, and bed and breakfast premises.

Our mission is to support regional intermediaries with products, systems and software so that the intermediary can provide high quality, cost effective distribution of general insurance products, regardless of the location of their offices.

insure that is totally focused on providing practical solutions which are comprehensive in their support for the underwriter and the intermediary.

Our systems work. They have been progressively introduced since January 2000 and are used by a growing network of agents and brokers across Australia.

We are also committed to delivering long term sustainable underwriting profits to our underwriters through the application of comprehensive risk selection processes, matched to professional intermediaries with experience and local knowledge of the risks being underwritten.

The same level of service, document delivery, support and underwriting quality should be available in the country as is provided in the city. This is not something which should be in the future. Our systems are providing this service level now.